How Aware Are You?

How aware are you of your surroundings? Do you survey the parking lot before you exit a store to walk to your car? Do you take the time to plan ahead in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations? Do you look inside the convenience store before you enter? What if you pull into your bank to use the ATM – do you assess the area first?
When we are out conducting ATM lighting surveys, we are on-site at the ATM and night depository in the middle of the night and early morning hours of darkness. Often, someone will pull into the site we are surveying to use the ATM or make a deposit. To our amazement, many times the person pays no attention to the fact that another vehicle is parked nearby and a man is standing outside in the parking lot near the ATM or night deposit. Often these people will exit their vehicles, carrying the bag of money for deposit or use the ATM with no apparent thought to a possible risk. Being aware of potential threats and avoiding risky behaviors is much more prudent than having to respond to an unanticipated attack. We are all creatures of habit – whether good or bad. Change your way of thinking, realize that the threat exists, and do everything in your power to avoid that threat.