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Robbery Training Course

This training program provides financial institution employees with tips for preventing robberies, the safest way to respond to a robbery, and what to do immediately following a robbery to assist investigators. Additionally, proper opening and closing procedures are outlined and demonstrated.

The Skills You Need

Enroll in our “Robbery: Plan. Prevent. Prevail.” online course to discover ways to make your office a less attractive target for bank robbers.  Additionally, you will learn how to safely respond to a robbery should it occur.

The Training Required

This course will help you and your financial institution stay in compliance with training requirements. [VIEW COURSE OUTLINE

Topics covered include:

  1. How to safely open your bank or credit union in the morning
  2. Closing time considerations
  3. Robbery prevention
  4. What to do when it happens
  5. Steps to take immediately after a robbery
  6. How robbers choose their targets
  7. Different robbery methods
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