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Workplace Violence Course

This comprehensive course provides organizations and corporate employees with methods for identification and prevention of workplace violence incidents.  We identify warning signs and pre-incident indicators that are commonly displayed before a violent incident.  Critical de-escalation and response methods are also discussed.

The Skills You Need

Enroll in our “Violence in the Workplace” online course to receive top-level training in how to recognize behaviors that lead to violence, de-escalation techniques, and the tools needed to safely respond to a workplace incident.  This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is entirely self-paced. 

The Training Required

This course will help you, your team, and your entire organization prepare for and respond to workplace violence.  Topics covered include:

  1. The history and types of workplace violence
  2. Recognizing  signs of aggression
  3. Mastering de-escalation techniques
  4. Understanding triggering events
  5. Learning how to respond to a violent event
  6. Preventative actions to mitigate risk
  7. Bonus Module for Active Shooter Incidents
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