The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Let us help you establish a culture of safety and security within your business.  Our goal is to assist you in preventing criminal acts and protecting your most valuable assets – your employees and your customers.

Solutions That Work To Keep You Safe.

At Dodgen Security Consulting, our plan, prevent, prevail methods will provide effective and practical training and solutions for your company.  Our programs are informative, inspirational, and imperative in today’s environment.

Customized Training to Meet Your Needs:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
  • Lone Worker Security
  • Robbery Prevention and Response
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Personal Safety

Industries Served Include:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Utility Companies
  • Health Care
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Entities
  • Manufacturing

Workplace Violence is nothing new, and it’s not going away. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?  Carol Dodgen has researched and studied hundreds of cases and interviewed numerous individuals who have been involved in violent confrontations in the workplace.  Some faced certain death, but somehow escaped.  From these interviews and case studies, we have gained insight  into what led up to the violence, what warning signs that were present, and lessons learned.  Our training also covers preventive measures that must be taken as well as what it takes to survive and overcome.  Our goal is to offer training to prevent these occurrences.  But should it happen, we want to prepare employees to survive.

Robbery is a risk for any business that handles money.  However, there are significant steps you and your office can take to make your business a less attractive target for these often violent criminals.  Our training will cover policies, procedures, and physical security measures that your institution should implement to reduce your risk.  Current cases, trends, and testimonies are included. Additionally, we will discuss crucial, life-saving measures for staying safe during a robbery, and the important steps to take immediately following a robbery.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a philosophy involving the use of the built environment to deter crime.  The principles espoused in this method include the proper use of lighting, landscaping, and structures to create a workplace, neighborhood, or school that is friendly and inviting to legitimate visitors, but hostile to criminals.  CPTED is valuable when conducting necessary risk assessments on corporate locations.  As certified practitioners, we offer specific CPTED training, and also incorporate these principles throughout the other security topics we offer as well.

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